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  1. It’s certainly been awhile.

    I know I’ve said this before, but I’m actually going to commit to this blog this semester. I think something that’s going to ensure that I do is that I’m now writing a biweekly column for my schools online radio station, WVAU. Each week I’m basically choosing a city to explore, writing about its history, and upcoming local acts. So please please please, if you enjoy it (or have any reasonable suggestions for bands) let me know/share this with your friends!


  2. Boston Calling Lineup was leaked earlier tonight with Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab For Cutie as the headliners.

    However, it’s been confirmed that there will be one more act announced tomorrow as the 21st and headlining act.

    Thoughts on the lineup? Predictions? Thoughts on the chaotic way they placed the albums around the city? Comment below!


  3. Surfer Blood's "Uncle" introduces the band
    Pitts hits the floor
    Surfer Blood @ The Rock & Roll Hotel in DC

    "Prepare to be very, very disappointed" the bands Uncle burped into the microphone and took another drink from his beer, "Ladies and gentlemen, Surfer Blood."  The band walked on to the stage casually, they have done this many times before. The opening bassline of "Neighbour Riffs" began to play, and the crowd was instantly focused on the stage rather than their beers. They built up the song, elaborating with fancy guitar effects and then launched into "Twin Peaks." They made it through their next few songs, keeping the audience’s attention, but managed to really get everyone off their feet with the ending of "Floating Vibes" and the immediate segway into "Miranda." People in front started jumping, attempting to start a mosh pit, which ended up bringing Pitts into the crowd (and for a brief time, on the floor) during "Take It Easy." Surfer Bloods surf pop-rock vibe definitely makes for a good mixture of getting people to dance, and giving the entire venue a very chilled out vibe. Exiting the stage with "Drinking Problem" they left the stage, while dropping the wailing guitar on the floor filling the room with high pitched feedback, leaving the crowd aching for more.

    The bands Uncle then returned with the stage, same introduction as before “I am the bands utterly disappointed Uncle, I flew all the way from California. Prepare to be very, very disappointed. Ladies and gentlemen, Surfer Blood” The band returned with their final songs, getting the whole room to dance together to “I’m Not Ready” and finishing with Pitts singing into the microphone the final lines from “Catholic Pagans” (“sorry we have to go / have to go”) and strumming his guitar for the effects a few extra time before wishing DC a good night.

    I personally enjoyed the show very much. The Rock & Roll Hotel manages to have a very small, punk-rock vibe without feeling like you’re going to end up in a fist fight. As for Surfer Blood, this is the second time I’ve seen them play (first time headlining) and it seems to me as though they are simply doing what they love. There was a level of casualness throughout the show, as it’s clear they’re not trying hard to impress the room, just to enjoy themselves. They don’t do many crazy stunts, and Pitts does look slightly robotic as he plays, but they still manage to play with a level of raw emotion that feels very real.


  4. OCTOBER 2013 playlist now up!

    Looking for some new music?

    Check out this months song picks here or on Grooveshark!

    Don’t forget to check back every month for new music suggestions!


  5. Cherry Tree @ DC9
    The Static Jacks @ DC9

    THE STATIC JACKS w/ Cherry Tree 

    Last Wednesday I traveled back to DC9 to go see The Static Jacks in the wake of the release of their second album, In Blue. I got there as the doors were supposed to open, but ended up waiting about an extra half hour before the opening band came onstage to play to a mostly empty room. Cherry Tree, a local DC trio who compares themselves to bands such as The Strokes and Led Zeppelin, despite the lacking crowd played explosively. Their guitarist has an unreal talent for guitar solo’s, and he was absolutely the best player of the trio (especially when the drummer and bass started playing out of time, he actually adapted to their mistakes fairly easily.) The bassist/singer, while he definitely has a good understanding of bass, did not impress me much. His raspy, cat-like voice was fairly off putting and he didn’t particularly play or sing with any energy. Cherry Tree seems like they have the potential to become a fantastic progressive rock band, but they definitely need more tweaking before they begin to play bigger shows.

    The Static Jacks were not hard to spot in the small, dark venue (especially considering their unique haircuts and bright flower patterned shirts.) They mingled with the crowd as Cherry Tree performed their set, talking with what appeared to be close friends. The room had filled up a bit more between sets, and when The Static Jacks took the stage there was a loud buzz of excitement filled with cracking jokes at the band. They immediately launched into their newest single Wallflowers —a cross between a pop-punk and indie song— and everyone in the crowd went nuts. I was fairly excited until it dawned on my that within the first 15 minutes they had burned through their three most popular songs. It made it difficult for me to want to stay the rest of their set simply because I had already heard the songs I wanted to hear. Another flaw of theirs was that between each song, the band would take a solid 30 second break to talk and joke on stage. I understand that a large portion of the crowd was friends with them, but it was just awkward every time they stopped playing. There was no flow to their set and I wish they had come up with better ways to transition into the next song, rather than giving a long winded speech each time. They did play, however, with amazing energy and a noticeable appreciation that they were given the opportunity to play a show. At the very end of their set, when the crowd started cheering for an encore they happily obliged and satisfied the audience even though most had never heard of the last song. The Static Jacks, with their wacky haircuts and glittery guitar, definitely have the potential to have more of a stage presence and I suggest they do exactly that. Once they get the hang of headlining their own shows, I expect them to grow immensely in popularity.


  6. CHANGING OF THE SEASONS EP - Two Door Cinema Club (3.5/5)

    Yesterday, Two Door Cinema Club released their new EP Changing Of The Seasons complete with three new tracks and a remix. Just over a year after their second album release, Changing Of The Seasons really shows how much the band is changing, and how rapidly they’re expanding their fan base. Tomorrow marks the first day of their US Tour with St. Lucia and Smallpools. With the release of their new EP and a promise of a new album somewhere around early 2015, it seems that TDCC is on an upswing despite that most bands at this point in their career risk fading out. They’re showing no sign of slowing down, and I am excited to see them play in DC on friday.

    As for their new EP, when they released their single “Changing Of The Seasons” last month, I was pretty excited. The song is Two Door Cinema Club at their best; lots of guitar hooks and synth that you can’t help but get up and dance to. It’s catchy, it’s pop-y, it’s what they do well. So I was surprised when the rest of their album did not have this same sound. “Golden Veins” is vaguely reminiscent of “Spring” but with a piano and a much slower beat than we’re used to hearing from them. “Crystal” is an even slower song with no drums or guitar, and seems like something that would come from an MGMT album. The EP is absolutely not bad, it’s just completely different from what I expected. Overall, the songs are slowly starting to grow on me and I’m sure by the end of next week—like every other song I hear from TDCC—I won’t be able to get their songs out of my head.


  7. Royal Teeth @ DC9
    Said The Whale @ DC9

    SAID THE WHALE w/ Royal Teeth

    Last Monday, Said The Whale and Royal Teeth played at the DC9 Nightclub. Born Cages opened, but I unfortunately arrived just as their set was ending. I had never been to a show in DC before, but I have to say that even though DC9 is a small, 200 person venue, I was fairly impressed. The atmosphere was very casual, but the rooms open set up still allowed for people to move around and dance when the bands were performing.

    As Royal Teeth took the stage, Gary Larson the lead singer immediately tried to get everyone involved in the show, clapping his hands and trying to get the crowd to sing along. Royal Teeth launched into “Hold Me” as their first song, pounding on the drums, and utilizing every inch of the stage to dance and jump around. They just released their debut LP Glow last month (which admittedly, I was not very impressed with) and it’s very clear that they’re still highly energized from their recent release. Each and every song they played with a smile on their faces, and seemed genuinely excited to be there, not showing any signs of exhaust from being on the road for so long. Each song they performed, they poured their heart into as they played. At one point, Larson even carried his floor tom into the crowd and started playing and singing from there. They finished with “Wild” and the crowd went nuts. After they finished people even started chanting for them to play another song. They kindly declined, but it was clear that they had caused quite a buzz in the room. I have seen Royal Teeth before, and what originally caught my eye about them was the fact that they’re so energetic onstage, and I must say almost two years later and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

    Said The Whale then took the stage, and definitely packed one heck of a punch. Opening with “Mother” followed by  “Camilo (The Magician)” they had everyone engaged and singing a long. They got a little softer in the middle, with “Big Sky, MT” and slowly from there, built up the rest of the set from there until explosively ending with “Loveless” and “I Love You” and there was not one person in that room at the end who wasn’t dancing. Other than the fact they seemed a little fatigued from being on tour, they put on a solid show and I suggest if you haven’t yet, going to check out their new album Hawaii, and if they’re ever in your area, checking them out because they really do pack one heck of a punch in their set.


  8. Bombay Bicycle Club go “Sober for October”

    Earlier today BBC posted on their Facebook to let their fans know they plan to go “Sober for October”

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  9. Radio BDC is hosting a FREE BLONDFIRE SHOW! Go to Brighton Music Hall October 3 and show your college ID to get in for free! Go to to RSVP and reserve your spot!



    with Coliseum / Highway Cross

    SAT NOV 2
    Doors: 8:00pm
    Show: 9:00pm
    all ages / $15/adv $15/dos