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  1. CHANGING OF THE SEASONS EP - Two Door Cinema Club (3.5/5)

    Yesterday, Two Door Cinema Club released their new EP Changing Of The Seasons complete with three new tracks and a remix. Just over a year after their second album release, Changing Of The Seasons really shows how much the band is changing, and how rapidly they’re expanding their fan base. Tomorrow marks the first day of their US Tour with St. Lucia and Smallpools. With the release of their new EP and a promise of a new album somewhere around early 2015, it seems that TDCC is on an upswing despite that most bands at this point in their career risk fading out. They’re showing no sign of slowing down, and I am excited to see them play in DC on friday.

    As for their new EP, when they released their single “Changing Of The Seasons” last month, I was pretty excited. The song is Two Door Cinema Club at their best; lots of guitar hooks and synth that you can’t help but get up and dance to. It’s catchy, it’s pop-y, it’s what they do well. So I was surprised when the rest of their album did not have this same sound. “Golden Veins” is vaguely reminiscent of “Spring” but with a piano and a much slower beat than we’re used to hearing from them. “Crystal” is an even slower song with no drums or guitar, and seems like something that would come from an MGMT album. The EP is absolutely not bad, it’s just completely different from what I expected. Overall, the songs are slowly starting to grow on me and I’m sure by the end of next week—like every other song I hear from TDCC—I won’t be able to get their songs out of my head.

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